The Cottonwood Chapter was founded in June 2012.  The chapter began after Founding President Stephanie Scroggins and her daughter attended her niece’s Senior Presentation event in Houston. After hearing the stories of growth and closeness between mother and daughter as well as fellow Patronesses and Ticktockers, Mrs. Scroggins returned to Flower Mound to look into a local chapter they could join.  There were no local chapters and those that did exist were too far away to be able to participate in.  After much thought and discussion with friends, Mrs. Scroggins contacted that National office of NCL to inquire about starting an expansion chapter in Flower Mound.  With the help of dear friends and a lot of hard work, a Board was formed and the Cottonwood Chapter was born.  The first kickoff meeting of Cottonwood Chapter occurred in August 2012.

NCL formation

Cottonwood Chapter Formation Meeting